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Providing Jobs, Providing Dignity

New Day Staffing is an integral part of 70×7 Life Recovery. We are an organization that offers staffing services for people who have significant employment barriers caused by incarceration or addiction. We help restore people’s lives.

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Jobs for Life Program

Restoring dignity, changing lives, transforming communities.

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Employment Empowerment

New Day Staffing represents employment candidates who have successfully
completed the Jobs for Life Certification Program. This 2-week
classroom program addresses the purpose of work and the character
traits necessary to achieving employment success.

What Jobs for Life Teaches

  • Your value as an employee

  • Taking responsibility for your actions

  • Perseverance and positive attitude

  • Succeeding through adversity

  • Building a resume and developing a vocational plan

What an Employer Receives

  • Employees who are reliable

  • Employees with healthy boundaries

  • Employees who are teachable / trainable

  • Employees who understand customer satisfaction

  • Employees who resolve conflict successfully

“Being part of the solution”

New Day Staffing represents men and women who have worked hard to receive a second chance.  Our program delivers applicants who are Tested, Evaluated, and Screened.  All of this takes place before the interview.

New Day Staffing offers employers:

  • Competitive Rates:  Low mark-up and no conversion fees upon permanent hire

  •  Value Added Services:  New Day Staffing employee have a one-on-one mentor that provides guidance, accountability, and support.

  •  Proven Selection Process:  Working closely with the employer, New Day Staffing provides the right person for the job.

  •  Permanent Hire Follow-up:  Upon permanent hire, we continue to support the mentor relationship and the employee.

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