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New Day Staffing is an integral part of 70x7 Life Recovery. We are an organization that offers staffing services for people that have significant barriers to finding employment caused by incarceration and addiction. We are a non-profit organization.


We use the  Jobs for Life Curriculum

Serving Together Program

Each potential employee is placed on a team of volunteers led by a Group Mentor.  They serve in local churches performing various duties. Program participants are evaluated on timeliness, attitude, work ethic, ability to work independently, and other soft job skills.

Formal Evaluations

Weekly evaluations during the Serving Together Program to determine work readiness.

Mentorship Required

New Day Staffing Employees are required to participate in a mentor relationship while in our program.

Pre-Screening Process

All employees have background checks, basic safety training, and drug screens before they begin employment.


For a program participant being able to support themselves and their family is critical. Yet, for someone who has a criminal past, finding an employer willing to give them a second chance is very difficult. According to a recent study, 65% of employers surveyed stated they would not “knowingly hire a person with a criminal record, regardless of the offense.”

At New Day Staffing, we are interested in our participant’s obtaining a job and long term success.

New Day Staffing assists with skill training, resume preparation and interview coaching. Our New Day Staffing service works with local companies in West Michigan to provide the best candidate for the job.

Employers who are interested in learning more about our program and they value they offer, please contact Clay Reinking at 616.796.0685 ext 155.

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