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New Day Staffing is an integral part of 70x7 Life Recovery. We are an organization that offers staffing services for people that have significant barriers to finding employment caused by incarceration and addiction. We are a non-profit organization.


We use the  Jobs for Life Curriculum

Serving Together Program

Each potential employee is placed on a team of volunteers led by a Group Mentor.  They serve in local churches performing various duties. Program participants are evaluated on timeliness, attitude, work ethic, ability to work independently, and other soft job skills.

Formal Evaluations

Weekly evaluations during the Serving Together Program to determine work readiness.

Mentorship Required

New Day Staffing Employees are required to participate in a mentor relationship while in our program.

Pre-Screening Process

All employees have background checks, basic safety training, and drug screens before they begin employment.


Feb 9, 2015

We have been hiring employees through New Day Staffing with 70X7 Life Recovery since 2009. Through them, we have brought on many qualified employees, many of whom are still with us today. The success that we have seen with them is due to their holistic approach, matching the candidate with the correct employer and providing the resources needed throughout the process. The mentoring aspect is the key to supplying the outside support which is usually needed in making the transition back to society successful.

If you have staffing needs, I would recommend contacting New Day Staffing. The new employee you may get will not only help your company succeed, you will also be giving someone a second chance to become a productive member of society and helping our community at the same time.

-Andy Ribbens, Premier Finishing

For Brittany, Abby and Tyler the world changed overnight in February of 2013. They moved to Holland, changed schools and now they have family time every night. “I love my new school!” exclaims 9 year old Brittany. “And having my dad home!”

“First Dad came home and now he works at a BIG place in town,” explains 4 year old Tyler between bites of his Happy Meal.

Life is a big Happy Meal now for the 3 children of Terry who recently was released from Prison in January. “Before our dad got home life was LOUSY! And now it is AWESOME” declares Brittany.

“If someone asked me where my dad was, I would tell them he was on a vacation in Hawaii dancing in a hula skirt!” She says with a big laugh. “Now I say he is at work and tonight we will all be home.”

Terry meets weekly with his mentor and works hard at his job in Holland. He has full custody of his kids and has help from family members with child care. “ I am not going back,” Terry states simply, “ and they are never going in!”

This is one dad who means what he says.